Alicia Sandino

How Can I Become a Cyber Professional?

cyber security porfessional

By 2022 employers are expected to be looking to fill an astounding 1.8 million new positions in cybersecurity. All those potential new jobs mean that there’s perhaps no time like the present to start pursuing the training necessary to get hired into one. A career change, especially in the middle of your career, can sometimes

Shedding Light on the Dark Web

dark web

When most people think of the Internet, they often think of daily use sites like eBay, Google, Amazon, and Gmail. In tech terms, it is known as the surface web and it is generally safe and easy to navigate, but beyond the surface, there is what is called the Deep Web.  The Deep Web is

Cyber Security Training: Everything You Need to Know

With the rising cases of cyber crime and identity theft, is a career in cyber security a good choice? Today, the government, corporations, military, and many organizations collect and store loads of data. The collection and storage of the data occur through computers and the internet. Most of the data are sensitive – it may

How Blockchain is Revolutionizing the Financial Industry

In the grand scheme of things, blockchain is still a relatively new technology. New applications are being developed for blockchain all the time, and it’s sweeping the world, taking on anything that needs to be accessible, user-controlled, privacy-enhanced, secure, and auditable.  Things like food supplies, medical records, the voting system, and more can benefit from

Cyberattacks on Healthcare in 2020: The Greatest Threat to Patient Safety

cyberattacks in healthcare

Attacks on healthcare providers can expose the most sensitive and personal data: health records, financial details, contact information, and more. Health services around the world are under more pressure than ever before, making them a direct target for a few unscrupulous cybercriminals.  Anyone with cybersecurity knowledge knows that the immorality of cybercriminals cannot be overstated.

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