Mor Sheinbein

Black or White? Into the Mind of the Hacker

White hat hacker

Hackers of all kinds dominate both our headlines and our movie screens. That can be attributed to the increasing importance of cybersecurity, an uptick in cybercrime and espionage, or simply the fact that hackers are cool.   But have you ever considered what it takes to be a hacker, beyond the programming and information technology

Cyber Security Training Programs: Are They Right for Me?

Cyber Security Training

It is no secret that a career in cybersecurity offers financial security in a field that’s continuously growing and expanding. So much so that the cybersecurity workforce is in a shortage with a projected 3.5 million professionals needed by 2021. The industry is also one that has a zero percent unemployment rate. If you are

SysAdmins: What It Takes to Keep Your Network Secured

Although computers and shared networks were created to make people work and collaborate with others better, people are also the ones who put the systems at risk. Just ask System Administrators (or SysAdmins) and cybersecurity professionals about all the virtual fires they need to extinguish daily. System Administrators are charged with managing users of a

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